Coronagraph at the Astrophysical Observatory Tschuggen, Arosa (AOT) today

The Kern Coronagraph has been restored to new glory

Members of the Astronomical Society of Grisons, together with the experts of the Astronomical Working Group Aalen, Germany have restored the Kern Coronagraph to working condition. The instrument is back at its original location and the official reopening ceremony was held on June 10th, 2023.

Astrophysical Observatory Tschuggen AOT today

The Astrophysical Observatory Tschuggen / Arosa AOT as it looks today (June 2023). Please note that a second smaller dome (left) was added to the original building as it appears in the banner image. The Kern Coronagraph is situated in the dome on the right side of the image.

Kern Coronagraph in the big dome

The Kern Coronagraph is now riding piggyback on a bigger Zeiss Coronagraph. This was how the two instruments were installed since 1965.

Zeiss Coronagraph of 1938

Kern Coronagraph of 1938 together with the Zeiss Coronagraph of 1965. Both instruments can be used simultaneously.

Two coronographs together

The two coronagraphs together.

Presentation of the fully restored Coronograph

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